Terms and conditions

1.- Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: T&C)

1.1 Introduction

These Terms and Conditions (T&C) govern relations between advertisers, visitors and the advertising platform www.6inthecity.com

The T&C can be viewed at any time and by anyone in their latest version in force on the platform home page.

By accessing the platform and using the services, users acknowledge having read, understood and accepted the T&C.

Failure to comply with the T&C established by www.6inthecity.com will result in the suspension of the user account concerned without notice, without refund or compensation, all rights being reserved for the rest.

Users who do not wish to be subject to these T&C, or who do not accept the content of these T&C, should not access or use the platform.

1.2 Definitions

Anyone clicking and entering the platform, i.e. any advertiser and any visitor, is considered as a “user” of the platform.

Anyone who has a profile and posts an advertisement on the platform is considered as an “advertiser”.

The term „content“ in the T&C refers to everything that the advertiser submits to the platform, namely texts, images, links, contacts, audio, video and audio-visual material.

2.- About the platform

2.1 Purpose of the platform

The aim of the advertising platform www.6inthecity.com is to provide adults with online advertising services and escort profiles.

The platform is not an escort agency, but an international advertising platform dedicated to independent escorts over the age of 18, considered to be of legal age.

The platform only accepts advertisements made by major and female escorts.

2.2 Majority

Anyone over the age of 18 or any person who has reached the age of majority according to the applicable law of the country from which they access the platform is considered to be of legal age.

By accessing and/or using the platform in any way; by visiting, browsing, posting content or other elements on the site, the user certifies being at least 18 years old and also certifies having read, understood and accepted the T&C.

Use of the platform implies full reading and unconditional acceptance of the T&C.

2.3 Platform access conditions and confidentiality

Each advertiser shall create a profile for which they will provide a username, password,

or any other piece of information necessary for the establishment of a secure profile.

Each advertiser shall treat their information confidentially and shall refrain from disclosing it to a third party. Each advertiser recognises that their user account is personal.

Each advertiser is fully responsible for movements made on their user account.

Each advertiser agrees to inform the platform of any unauthorised access or any use of the user account by an unauthorised third party.

The platform declines all liability in the event of improper access to the user’s account.

Identity theft is not tolerated by the platform, which reserves the right to suspend the user account concerned without notice, without refund or compensation, all rights being reserved for the rest.

3.- Modifications

Users agree that the platform may, at its sole discretion and without acknowledgment of liability, with or without notice, modify these T&C.

Users agree that the platform may, at its sole discretion and without acknowledgment of liability, with or without notice, modify, suspend or even close the platform and its services.

Each user must regularly consult the latest version of the T&C.

The recognition of the terms and conditions in force results from the placing of the order.

Open orders are not affected by the change.

4.- Guarantees

4.1 User responsibility

Users access, use, explore and browse the platform under their sole responsibility.

4.2 Responsibility of the platform www.6inthecity.com

The platform is not the employer of the escorts. It does not interfere in the relationship between escorts and visitors.

The platform recalls that these are major independent escorts fully assuming their responsibilities through their advertisements and services offered in accordance with the applicable law in the country in which they practice their profession.

The platform does not check the content of messages from platform users.

The platform declines all liability for the content, communications or representations posted by users.

The platform has no control over the links to access third-party sites and is not responsible for the access, use, content and services of these sites.

4.3 Contractual relationships

The contractual relationship between the platform and the advertisers only concerns the conclusion of space rental and advertising service subscriptions on the platform.

4.5 Respect of personality rights

The platform undertakes to respect all of the personality rights of advertisers and not to transmit any information other than indicated in the advertisements concerning them.

No private communication shall be transmitted to the escorts.

5.- Users and content of advertisements

5.1 Validation of profiles and prior checks

The platform carefully checks profiles, in particular by validating the photos provided by the escort beforehand, before publication and uploading.

The photos of the escorts posted on the platform are prepared and provided by the escorts themselves, who have become members. They are responsible for their advertisement, communication, links, texts and images contained in their profile, to the full discharge of www.6inthecity.com.

Photos posted must correspond to the person advertising themselves on the platform. They must be recent, elegant, artistic and professionally prepared in order to be posted on www.6inthecity.com.

The profile is posted online only after payment and validation of the photos of the escort wishing to insert their ad.

If the photos, after validation of the profile, turn out to be false, stolen, illegal, unlawful, defamatory or causing harm to others, the platform reserves the right to suspend the profile concerned without notice, refunds or compensation; all rights being reserved for the rest.

The escorts shall assume full civil and criminal liability related to the content posted online; to the full discharge of the platform.

5.2 Profile suspension

In the event that the advertisement is not approved, the platform reserves the right to suspend the account.

The advertiser will be immediately notified of the suspension of their profile via their “admin” space in order to make changes to its content.

5.3 Quality of the photos posted by the escorts

In order to ensure the success of each profile, photos should be regularly updated.

Photos must be recent, truthful, and visually match the escort. False photos as well as overly reworked or overly photoshopped images will be refused.

Photos, animations or derivative images from social networks reflecting unserious, vulgar profiles that do not conform to the reputation of the platform will be refused.

Escorts posting an advertisement on the platform undertake not to post any illegal or illicit illustrations or content. They undertake to publish only erotic images of themselves, which do not meet the criteria for criminalisation of pornography, paedophilia or zoophilia.

5.4 Exclusion of publication

Any content that may be the subject of legal proceedings is not permitted to be published on the platform.

Any content violating the applicable copyright rules is not authorised to be published on the platform and will result in the suspension of the user account concerned without notice, without refund or compensation; all rights being reserved for the rest.

Any advertisement containing text, web links, logos, phone numbers or emails is not allowed to be published on the platform. The latter reserves the right to delete these photos as well as any unauthorised content or advertising link.

6.- Appropriate use of the advertising platform

The platform is an international independent escort advertisements site made available to users over the age of 18 or anyone over the age of majority according to the applicable law of the country from which they access the platform.

Users undertake to use this platform wisely with respect for people, technology, information and the published content.

Use of the platform is of a purely private and personal nature.

Use of the platform must not be intended to harm others, nor to be used for defamation purposes through its content or related communication.

All users agree not to disclose the content or the existence of the platform to minors.

7.- Unlawful use of the site

The platform may not be used:

– with the aim of causing damage to operation, accessibility or availability.

– in an illegal, illicit, fraudulent or harmful manner towards users or third parties.

– for the purposes of illegal, illicit, fraudulent or harmful activity.

– to post content depicting child pornography, rape, torture, death, violence, incest, racial slurs or hate speeches.

– to post any content that is obscene, illegal, unlawful, defamatory, slanderous, hateful or which would encourage completely inappropriate conduct, punishable by criminal and/or civil penalties.

– to copy, store, host, transmit, send, use, publish or distribute any material that is or is related to spyware, computer viruses, spam, hacking, Trojan horses, worms, keyloggers, rootkits or other malware.

– to conduct systematic or automatic data collection activities (without limitation, scraping, mining, extracting, exporting and retrieving data). The express written authorisation of the platform must be required.

– to transmit or send unsolicited commercial communications or commercial communications for marketing purposes. The express written authorisation of the platform must be required.

The platform reserves the right to suspend the profile concerned without notice, refunds or compensation; all rights being reserved for the rest in the event of illicit use of the platform.

8.- Intellectual property

The platform, its original content, its characteristics and its functionality are the property of www.6inthecity.com and are protected by intellectual property rules under Swiss law.

The advertising platform recalls that it is strictly forbidden to:

– reproduce and republish any content from the advertising platform www.6inthecity.com on another site;

– sell, rent or offer sub-licences of the content of the platform www.6inthecity.com;

– show all content of the platform www.6inthecity.com in public, in particular to minor third parties;

– reproduce, duplicate, copy or exploit content on the platform www.6inthecity.com for commercial purposes;

– edit or modify information or other functionalities on the platform www.6inthecity.com;

– redistribute the content of the platform www.6inthecity.com (except for content specifically made available for redistribution, with the express written agreement of the platform).

Through the publication of their content, advertisers grant the platform a worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence for use, reproduction, adaptation, publication, translation and distribution, in all existing and/or future media. www.6inthecity.com reserves the right to sub-licence these rights and the right to take action for infringement of these rights.

Advertisers can only use and upload content to which they own the rights. Reproductions and/or use of content infringing intellectual rights are strictly prohibited and may engage the civil and/or criminal liability of those responsible. The platform is the sole legal owner of the reproduction and distribution rights, as well as the non-physical transmission right of all of its content.

Any reproduction, adaptation, translation, distribution, sale, resale, downloading, exploitation of all or part of the platform on any medium is strictly prohibited and liable to engage the civil and/or criminal liability of the authors.

Failure to comply with the provisions contained in this chapter will immediately result in the deletion of the accounts concerned without notice, without reimbursement and without compensation; all rights being reserved for the rest.

9.- Conclusion of the contract

9.1 Conclusion of the contract

The contract is deemed concluded as soon as the option is chosen and the package is paid for.

The first VIP or BASIC package contract concluded between the escorts and the platform is valid for 31 days and is automatically renewed for a further period of 30 days, via the means of payment transmitted by the advertiser, until termination of the contract.

The conclusion of a contract with other OPTIONS offered on the platform automatically ends on the expiry date mentioned for the chosen OPTION. There is no automatic renewal.

9.2 Terms of payment

Payment by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD,) is accepted.

In the case of recurring monthly payments, payment is made on the last day of the current billing period.

In the event of payment failure (due to the expiration of the credit card validity, insufficient balance or any other reason) the platform will suspend access to the advertiser’s account or will not implement the chosen option.

Personal information transmitted to the platform is only used for processing and executing the order and is not passed on to third parties. The provisions of Swiss law are applied with regard to personal data protection.

9.3 Renewal of the subscription

The subscription is automatically renewed, unless this feature is deactivated 24 hours before the end of the billing cycle.

Any advertiser can manage their subscription or disable automatic renewal in their account settings.

9.4 Profile implementation procedure

Once the profile has been duly completed by the escort and saved by the latter in their „admin“ space, the platform performs the checks mentioned in chapter 5 above.

The advertisement is only validated after verification and acceptance of the photos, as well as the escort’s data. If the photos meet the conditions listed under section 5.3 above and the data is correct, the profile is published.

9.5 Complaint/Request for modification

Complaints due to incorrect publication must be sent to the platform www.6inthecity.com within 3 days of the agreed publication.

10.- VIP or Basic packages/options/link and personal website

10.1 General information

The platform offers advertisers various paid packages and options in order to guarantee advertising space adapted to each need.

Users can purchase VIP and BASIC memberships as well as options for advertising purposes. The purchase cost may vary depending on the product, the choice of option and the advertising time period. Details of the services, payment for VIP or BASIC packages and options can be found on the platform page reserved for this purpose.

When purchasing a package or an option, the advertiser is informed in the order confirmation email of the duration of the contract, the end date of the contract and the extension period in case of untimely termination. The price is also stipulated as well as the recurring price if it is a VIP or BASIC package.

The advertiser holding a VIP package may, at any time, insert the link to their personal site in their profile. In return and in order to ensure the principle of reciprocity, the advertiser shall insert on their personal site the link to the platform www.6inthecity.com. In the event of non-compliance, the platform reserves the right to suspend the advertiser’s profile without notice.

10.2 Deadlines

After payment, a minimum of 24 hours is necessary for the platform to activate the advertisements.

The waiting period may vary depending on the number of advertisements to be inserted.

When concluding a VIP or BASIC package, the platform does not deduct the aforementioned 24-hour activation period from the 30-day subscription. In the event that the advertisement has been easily and quickly verified, additional time is offered to the advertiser.

10.3 Content of advertisements

No external link, other than that of the advertiser, should be inserted and published in the advertising platform. The express written consent of the platform is required.

11.- Refund policy

The platform undertakes to perform its services carefully and in accordance with these T&C.

The platform does not make any refunds. The various packages or options chosen are irrevocable.

In the event of a complaint within 3 days of publication in accordance with section 9.5, the platform reserves the right to analyse the relevance of the said complaint on a case-by-case basis without being required to refund.

The Platform shall not be liable for any complaint regarding the speed with which the profile is uploaded or the validation of the payment.

If the advertisement and the user do not meet the criteria issued by the platform (All Packages and Options/Pics & Profile requirements) and these T&C, a refund will be made automatically.

Refunds can only be made on an exceptional basis and according to the goodwill of the platform.

12.- Termination

12. 1 Termination of the contract

The advertiser can terminate their package or chosen options at any time.

The termination of a package entails two possibilities for the advertiser:

– immediate withdrawal from the platform;

– the possibility of benefiting from the package until the end of the contract, without automatic renewal of the said package.

Payments made for packages or options that have been cancelled are not subject to refund whether they have been used in full or in part.

The platform reserves the right to terminate the contract and exclude advertisers, without prior notice, refund and compensation in the event of illegal behaviour, contrary to the contract and these T&C.

The platform recalls that all acts expressing contempt for human dignity, machinations against third parties, human trafficking, fraud and defamation as well as all the behaviours mentioned in chapter 7 above constitute grounds for exclusion from the platform.


Cancelling a chosen option terminates its online publication immediately.

13.- Data protection

By using the platform and its services, users provide certain personal data, including registration data and certain other information. The platform undertakes to collect and process this data in a confidential manner.

The platform keeps a record of the information provided by advertisers during registration and creation of a profile. This information will be kept for the duration of the contract. Personal identification information will not be passed on to third parties without prior authorisation.

In the event of termination or cancellation of the account, the information available on the advertiser’s profile will be deleted at the latest at the end of the contractual relationship. The advertiser may also request that their personal data be immediately erased.

14.- Liability/Exclusion of liability

14. 1 Liability of the platform

The platform’s liability is limited to complaints based on the contract concluded with the advertisers.

The platform reserves the right to withdraw or modify the site www.6inthecity.com, as well as any service provided, at its sole discretion and without prior notice.

14. 2 Exclusion of liability of the platform

The platform is intended for the personal use of users and shall not be used for commercial purposes, except for those specifically mentioned in the contract.

The Platform is intended for adult content.

Users enjoy the platform under their sole responsibility.

The platform may contain links to third party websites that are neither owned nor controlled by it. The platform has no control over these third-party sites and assumes no responsibility for the content, privacy policy or practices of third-party websites. The platform will not be able to censor or modify the content of a third party site. By using the platform, users expressly release it from any liability arising from the content of third-party sites. The platform encourages its users to read the T&C of each of third-party site visited.

The platform declines all responsibility in the event of a disturbance or temporary interruption of access for any reason whatsoever.

The platform declines all responsibility for the content of the advertisements. The platform declines all responsibility for any errors in the published advertisements.

The platform declines all responsibility, within the limits permitted by law, in the event of personal injury or any other damage committed against a user.

The platform declines all responsibility for any disputes or actions by third parties against the content of the platform and its use.

The platform declines all responsibility in the event of improper use of the platform, in violation of chapters 6, 7 and 8 of these T&C.

The platform does not grant any guarantee of access to the platform, consultation of profiles, compliance of the service, the accuracy of the data uploaded, the results of research based on user expectations.

14.2 Liability of the advertiser

The advertiser is responsible for the content of the advertisements published on the platform.

By using th

The advertiser exonerates the platform, its services and its auxiliaries from any recourse by third parties.

The advertiser shall bear the legal and extra-legal costs incurred in the event of a dispute with the platform.

15.- Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

The contract and all questions arising from or related to it, as well as the use of the platform and the services, are governed by Swiss substantive law.

Users accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the registered office of www.6inthecity.com (Switzerland), or Lausanne (Switzerland).

16.- Operator/contact

For any questions relating to the T&C, as well as to report any violation, please contact: